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List building is made easy with List Outbreak:

List Outbreak is a new powerful free membership site that can help you in your list building effort. The website is built as a viral list builder that will grow you a huge mailing list outside of your regular Aweber or GetResponse lists. As you get free referrals and your referrals get free referrals, your list will grow exponentially in the system. That will be soon thousands of people you will be able to send your promotion emails to.

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List Outbreak is a Safelist, this means that all members have agreed to receive promotional emails from each other. This may seem strange and not so fun to opt-in to receive promotional messages, but as everyone is in the Internet Marketing niche, it is a great way to discover new traffic methods and tools, business opportunities that resonate with you, or find new business partners… and you do list building at the same time.

Read my post about Safelists: What is Safelist marketing?

There is a simple rule in List Outbreak, which is that every member has to bring 2 referrals in order to be able to use the Mailer. When you have these 2 new members in your downline the Mailer unlocks and as everybody is bringing 2 referrals, the list building grows fast. You will be then able to contact your entire downline, all your own referrals and all of your referrals’ referrals, up to 15 levels deep.

If every referral does the absolute minimum by referring just two new people to List Outbreak, you will have access to 32,768 members in your 15 level downline – that’s very powerful list building for a Free system!

As a Free member you can email your entire downline every 5 days and reach random members by using surfing credits. In order to collect credits, you need to go to your List inbox, open the messages sent to you and click the “Click this link to earn credits” link.

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I highly recommend another great Free tool to manage your Safelist inbox: Viral Inbox

This is how the Surf bar looks like and you can see how many credits you have earned. This process can be done in a few minutes each day and that will be Free advertising for you.

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As you collect more and more credits you will be able to send your promotional message to other members regardless of the number of people you have in your downline.

List Outbreak Upgrade to Jump Start your List building

List Outbreak also have an upgrade, which is only $5.99 a month for a limited time. The upgrade enables you to mail 1,000 random members every 2 days but they will increase this number as the membership base explodes. When they reach 5,000 members the new membership upgrade will go to $7.99, unless you lock the price now.

In addition, upgraded members can also set a text advert in the header of each List Outbreak‘s credit window and you will receive 40% more credits for every site you view. Not a bad deal.

Personally what I like with List Outbreak is that their site is very clean, easy to navigate without all the banners, text links, pop-ups and confusing stuff that all the other Safelists have.

Sign-up to List Outbreak now and start a new list building strategy for Free!

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