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There are many bloggers that blog regularly but get very little traffic to their blogs. Is it that their content is not interesting? Not necessarily. The reason is that each blog post on their blog does not rank well in Search Engines because basic SEO was not done at the time of publishing the post.

What happen is that most bloggers write their post without thinking of or researching their main keyword. The result is different main keywords competing each other on the same blog post and the page is not ranking well for any of them. Optimizing a blog post for Search Engines is not difficult and in fact it can be pretty fun.

When writing the blog post, think of what the main keyword would be. You already have the main idea of the post and what you need is to know which keyword will bring the most traffic. There is no point to write a blog post if nobody is going to find and read it. Would you agree? The way to optimize the blog post is to go to the Google Adwords keyword tool located here.

Blog Post Optimization

When you are on the keyword tool, the first step is to type the keyword you think of in the specified field and select “Exact” match. You will immediately see how many searches there are per month and the level of competition. Most of the time, one or two word keywords have a large volume of searches and the competition is Medium or High.

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You can see that the keyword “Online Game” has 110,000 searches and that the competition is “Medium”. This means that it is still difficult to rank fast for this keyword. The keyword “Online Multiplayer Game” has 2,400 searches, but the competition is still “Medium”. Will it be wise to go for one of these keywords? Probably not.

My choice would be “Best Online Multiplayer Games” because the search volume is still acceptable with 2,400 searches per month and the competition is low. It will be very easy to use the SEO plugin in my blog to get a good SEO score and rank the blog post high as a result.

Keywords with High or Medium competition are very hard to rank for because there are already many people wanting to rank for them. There can be only 10 results on the first page of Google! If you want to compete, this will mean more SEO work, more back-links, more tracking and SEO maintenance to do in order to keep the position on the page. And every competitor will do that creating each other more work and frustrations…

A better strategy for bloggers is to use long tailed keywords like “Best Online Multiplayer Games”for each post. This strategy will help rank each blog post higher and the ranking will be more stable, sending a portion of the traffic to your site on a daily basis. You will just need a few back-links or none at all to rank on the first page of Google.

There is a chance that 10 blog posts with long tailed keywords will rank higher and bring more traffic than a single high competitive keyword. It all depends on if you are a SEO guy or not. If you like writing blog posts, using long tailed keyword is the way to go. If you like SEO, a Medium or competitive keyword will be best for you.

I hope you have found some valuable information in this blog post.

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