What is the Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?


Would you like to know about the best email marketing service for 2019 that Jerry Banfield is recommending because if you want to do email marketing, this will be very useful for you?

Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?

Jerry Banfield has used many different email marketing services in the seven years he has been working online, and he says that it is the first time he has been doing it consistently with a growing number of subscribers and quality weekly and daily updates.

What is the Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?

In his YouTube video that you can watch at the end of this post, Jerry Banfield explains why ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing service he has used so far.

The first thing he likes about it is that it is very easy to add a form on your website to collect email addresses like this one on the sidebar.

Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?

This is very important for beginners, especially, because for some email marketing services, it can be more challenging.

The second thing is that you can make very beautiful emails with ActiveCampaign using a builder, which has a lot of blocks you can use. You can very easily insert banners, images, links, bullets, titles, videos, social media buttons, etcetera.

Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?

The third point that Jerry likes is that ActiveCampaign is very scalable. You can start with the basic plan and work your way up as your list grow. Using this email marketing service, you will never have to worry about upgrading, because there is already all you need as a beginner and experimented email marketer.

What is different also in ActiveCampaign is that you can use automation in a lot of different ways to add or move people from one list to another, or to send them a particular message when they click or do not click a link in a previous email, for example.

One drawback though is the higher pricing of this service compared to others. Jerry recommends the “Plus” plan, which is $49 for 500 subscribers, because it has all the features in ActiveCampaign.

Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?

As you get more subscribers, you can always upgrade to a higher plan, and if your budget is limited, then you still can start at $9 a month.

I am also using ActiveCampaign and as a matter of fact, I am using it to create and send Jerry’s weekly newsletter. After having used myself several other email marketing services, I agree with Jerry Banfield that ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing service, and for me it’s because of its ease of use.

If you would like to research or purchase this service with ActiveCampaign, would you use Jerry’s affiliate link because you will pay the same and he will get a small commission for having explained it to us for free?

I’d like to recommend that you read Jerry’s post on his blog: https://jerrybanfield.com/activecampaign-email-marketing/

Or watch the video below.

Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?

Best Email Marketing Service for 2019?

Published on Sept 1, 2018.

After 7 years of testing email marketing services, my choice for 2019 is ActiveCampaign. When you want to research and try ActiveCampaign, will you please use my link because you will feel great knowing ActiveCampaign gives me 20% to 30% of whatever you pay? I tried other email marketing software for years and consistently stopped sending to my list eventually because the service did not scale well with automation and I grew tired of having to invest more and more time sending emails each week.

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I hope that this post is useful for you.

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