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Empire Avenue explained by Chris Pirillo:

Today is a following post about Empire Avenue the social media exchange site I joined a week ago. This past week I concentrated in making myself familiar with the platform and in addition of buying shares in people I started to complete a few missions. As my account reached the 30 Eaves mark I was also able to post missions of my own and get some Likes and Shares on my new FaceBook page.

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Before I show you my progress, I really recommend you view this video by Chris Pirillo:

Why You Should Join Empire Avenue - a Social Media Exchange

I invested 50 shares in Chris Pirillo by the way…

Empire Avenue may finally place a virtual value on my social media activity. You can invest in me, using virtual currency (eaves) – and for every comment I post, every video I upload, every song I sing – well, okay… not the singing, so much – for virtually everything that I do online, you’ll be able to gain value as a shareholder of my stock ticker symbol on Empire Avenue.

The account is free, and you really don’t have to do anything different than what you’re doing now. Participating on YouTube generates value for you AUTOMATICALLY on Empire Avenue, and for anybody who becomes a shareholder in you.

Read More on Chris Pirillo Youtube’s Channel

My week’s progress on Empire Avenue

Let’s see my profile page and how many points I have for each Media Networks.

Empire Avenue

Join me on Empire Avenue: CLICK HERE

As you can see on the image, the scores for each social media is now up-to-date and as I see them I realize that I have to improve my social interaction in most of them. Empire Avenue is useful to monitor how well you are doing for each network and as you want to play the game and raise your scores you are more willing to interact in each social media accounts you have.

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Can Empire Avenue Help Your Social Media Marketing?

My Progress in Empire Avenue:

You can see that my portfolio value has increased as well as my dividend income. Still long way to go, but I will get more social media exposure as time goes.


Empire Avenue

4 Days ago:

Empire Avenue

Completing missions on Empire Avenue

I was looking for interesting content to post on my FaceBook profile and I found it in completing missions on Empire Avenue. There are many missions consisting in Liking FB pages and Liking and sharing posts. This is something I needed to do to give more value to my FB profile and now I can be paid Eaves to get my content…

Creating missions on Empire Avenue

This week I created 2 missions on Empire Avenue. The difficult part at first is to estimate the correct amount of Eaves you are willing to pay to have the mission completed. For the first mission, I offered 1,000 Eaves, but got only one person completing the task. As I realize it is too low, I archived the mission. The new mission has 3 simple tasks and I am offering 5,000 Eaves to have it done. Two persons completed the mission and one invested shares on me… not a bad deal. I’ll have to figure out now how to get more people doing my missions. Maybe I am being too stingy!

Join me on Empire Avenue: CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoyed this post and I am looking forward to see you on Empire Avenue.

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