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Most WordPress bloggers are familiar with creating a Sitemap that can be used in Google Webmaster Tools. A Sitemap is a XML file that tells search engines about all the pages you have on your blog. When the file is submitted in Google Webmaster Tools, Google will be able to index your pages and posts faster.

Unfortunately, the Empower blog does not allow any plugins and there is no Sitemap built in the system. There is a simple way you can add a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools for your Blog Beast. Here it is.

Add an Empower Blog Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

First of all, you will need to have an account in Google Webmaster.
You will then need to set your Empower blog in your account.

Click here to see in details how you can do this.

If you already have an account and a profile for the Empower blog, just login.

Click on the Empower blog profile

You notice that I have set-up a domain name for my blog, but you may follow the same process if you are still using the Empower Network domain such as user.empowernetwork.com

You will see that the block named “Sitemaps” is empty for you.

In the image below there are 11 links submitted with my Sitemap.

Click on the grey header to add your Empower Network blog Sitemap.

This is what you see.

Then, click on the “Add/Test Sitemap” red button and enter blog/feed


We can’t have a real Sitemap created for all the posts and pages on the blog, so we are using the RSS feed instead. The RSS feed is an XML file that can be used in Google Webmaster. Unfortunately it has only the 10 last posts, contrary to a real Sitemap that can have thousands… It is still better than no Sitemap at all.This is where you can get the full link of your RSS feed on the Empower Blog.

Click on the “Submit SiteMap” blue button.

Your Empower blog Sitemap is now set-up in Google Webmaster tools.

Let me know if you have questions.

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