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If you have found this post searching on Google, you must have typed the word “Farang” and be one yourself. For those who don’t know, “Farang” is a Thai fruit, but also the kind name that we, foreigners, are given in the country.

The word doesn’t have any racist or negative connotation, it is just the word that has been used since the French coming from “Farangset” sent their missionaries a long time ago. Does the name come from the fruit or from the word “France” in Thai? I let you decide.

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All this to say that if you are a Farang living in Thailand or wanting to live in Thailand, you may think of how you can work and make a living. The options are very limited in Thailand if you do not have a degree or a huge amount of capital to invest in a company.

Most regular jobs are taken by Thais and even if you could get one, the low salary would make you run away. If you have a degree you may easily find a teaching job; if you have good connections you may land a job in an International company.

What can a Farang do then?

Empower Network for Farangs in Thailand

Empower Network is an Internet company that can give you not only a turnkey business, but also the training to start earning wherever you are in the world. Empower Network is already present in Thailand with many members that earn commissions working from home on their laptop.

If you know how to use a computer and surf the Internet, you can get started immediately. All you have to do is register as an affiliate and resell their products. All the products are digital and you do not need to buy and stock inventory.

What are the Empower Network Products a Farang can sell?

You can sell all of them as you do not need to target the Thai market at all. You may market to your country of origin or any english speaking country. If you speak another language like Spanish or French, you may also market to countries where people speak the language.

The products are:

– a Viral Blogging System (like this one)
– an Inner Circle Membership (self-development audios)
– the Costa Rica Intensive course (to learn Internet marketing)
– the 15K formula (to learn how to make 15K a month from the Internet)
– the Master Course (to become a master in Internet marketing)
– and a few other specialized Internet Marketing courses.

These quality products and courses are in high demand by those who want to learn how to have a strong presence online. Anyone who have a website needs to learn more to promote their products and services online.

What does a Farang has to do to get started with Empower?

1. Crack a cold beer (optional)
2. Get your credit card on hand
3. Purchase the Viral Blogging System ($25 USD per month = 800 Thb)
4. Become an affiliate of Empower ($19.95 per month = 650 Thb)
5. Contact your sponsor for Free coaching

How much a Farang can earn with Empower Network?

Depending on the products you sell you can earn:

– $25/month commissions
– $100/month commissions
– $500/per sale commissions
– $1,000/month commissions
– $3,000/month commissions

Visit the Empower Network Income Discloser page to see what affiliates earn in real time.

Have a nice day!

Michel Gerard

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