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Empower Network is a global business opportunity that anyone, anywhere, can join and start to earn money online. Present in more than 160 countries around the world, it is also available in Thailand: Let’s call it “Empower Network Thailand”.

The business opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme, but a real business with a well-known and very successful American company. The Empower Network has broken so many records in two years, the best growth, thousand hundreds of members, about $60 millions paid to affiliates and a compensation plan that pays 100% in commissions.

I am no longer promoting the Empower Network 's products and business opportunity! Click here to know more.


Empower Network Thailand

I am convinced that Empower Network in Thailand can help many people start a business on the side and help you make an additional income from home. For most working people in Thailand, money is not enough every month, and there is no much chance to get highly paid staying in a job.

Empower Network is a MLM company with a twist. You do not have to go to meetings, sell vitamins, tooth pastes, juices or food supplements. All the products are digital and in high demand. You do not have to buy stock and send the products. And best of all, you can work from an iPad or even an iPhone.

What does the Empower Network’s products can do for Thais?

The first product is a blogging system that is so easy to use that a 4 years old can use it. If you know how to post on FaceBook, you can use it. You do not have to install and maintain the blog, just use it. No problem with Thai characters either: ทำธุรกิจออนไลน์

The other products are self-development audios and Internet Marketing video courses. They are the best courses I have come across for learning how to market online. The knowledge can be used to market your off-line business or company using the blogging system and other very effective methods. The only problem is that at the moment these courses are in English, so you need to understand English pretty fairly to benefit from them.

What’s the cost of doing business (with Empower Network in Thailand)?

The cost for the blogging system is $25 USD per month = 800 Thb
The cost of being an affiliate is $19.95 per month = 650 Thb

As you can see this is a very small investment that can change your life. Work your business a couple of hours everyday, after your regular job… and over time you will see results. That will be better time spent than watching TV or surfing on FaceBook…

The affiliate fee is what make the 100% commission possible. It pays for the company expenses like web development, marketing, support and shopping cart.

How much will you earn?

When you sell the blog for $25, you get the $25, for every month as long as the customer keeps the blog. There are some pass-ups sales taking place that can make you earn more, but more it’s too long to detail here.

Some people make tons of money and others nothing… It’s not a lottery.

See earning discloser here.

How can Thais or foreigners in Thailand join Empower Network?

That is simple, just join the Empower Network in my team. I will coach you the best I can if you are in my team, at no extra cost. I will help you if you are serious about changing your future and want to work the business. I have 10 years experience in Internet Marketing and know quite a bit.

I can’t type in Thai, but I can speak Thai, may you need to talk to me.

To your success!

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