What Equipment and Software to Use in your Business Online?


Would you like to know what equipment and software to use in your business online because this might save you a lot of energy, time and money to have a look at Jerry Banfield’s resources page?

What Equipment and Software to Use in your Business Online?

What Equipment and Software to Use in your Business Online?

Jerry Banfield showed in one of his recent weekly live streams what equipment and software he uses in his own business online and presented a huge list of things that you can trust work well.

He has a resources page on his website that he has just updated and what you can see is a list of all the things he is currently using from the web host for his website, the microphone and webcam for his videos, to the light bulb types that give the best results.

Jerry Banfield's resources page

It took him a long time with trial and errors to make this list of the best equipment you can use in your business online and this will make it way easier for you than googling for hours trying to find what you need.

I personally go to this page when I am looking for new equipment and software to see if Jerry has something to suggest that I could use because it is a time saver.

You will notice that everything is clearly separated in sections with an explanation of how it is used and why, with a mention of what Jerry earns if you purchase using his affiliate links.

Jerry Banfield's resources page.

The page has a lot of affiliate links, which are conform with the terms of every affiliate program and FTC regulations in the USA.

When you purchase through an affiliate link, the merchant pays a percentage on the sale to the affiliate who recommended the product or service, and this absolutely does not increase the price you pay, because buying via an affiliate link or directly on the website is the same price.

When I purchase something online, I always see if one of my friends has an affiliate link before buying as this can help them earn a commission from my purchase. I also have no problem buying via an affiliate link that I find under a YouTube video or a blog post, but I know some people don’t like when commissions are paid.

On Jerry’s resources page, there is no trick, you are told when there is a commission and you can feel good for helping an entrepreneur that helped you save time in finding what you need.

Jerry Banfield’s resources page is located here: https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/

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I also encourage you to watch the video below with live questions and answers.

What Equipment, Software, and Services Do I Trust to Sustain My Business Online?

What Equipment, Software, and Services Do Trust to Sustain My Business Online?

Published on Apr 11, 2018

Will you join us for a live question and answer session today beginning with a look at what equipment and software I use as an entrepreneur with a self-sustaining business online because this has been the top question asked in 2018 and we finally have a good answer today to look at?

You can also watch the video on Dlive, the new live-streaming platform where you can get paid in Steem for your live streams.

Dlive Jerry Banfield

This is Jerry Banfield’s Steemit blog: https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield

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Jerry Banfield’s resources page: https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/

I hope that this post is useful for you.

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