Even Children can Write a Blog!


Adults and children alike can write a blog:

Not long ago there were no blogs, just websites, and if we go back in time even further, no Internet. Can you imagine the world of today without the Internet? It used to be the privilege of a few geeks to be able to go online, thanks to technology that makes thing easier, everyone now can contribute to the “World Wide Web” and start to write a blog.

A blog is a journal you post online for everyone to see. It is not a private or intimate journal with all your secrets… this one is better kept on paper and in a locked drawer. A blog is a wonderful opportunity to write about what’s happening in your life and share it with your friends, family and the world.

I remember pretty well that when I was 13 years old I wrote a daily entry in a vacation journal during a 30-day trip in a camping car with my parents. One day was 2 pages with text and photos added afterward describing the places we went and what we did. It was a daily commitment and I remember showing it to my French teacher who was pleased with my effort in practicing writing.

This could have been a blog, except that at the time only a few people actually saw it. Today, as a child, my writing could have been read by thousands of people in a blog.

Instead of wasting time on FaceBook or other time wasters, the teenagers of today (and adults too) should consider to write a blog. This would be a good writing exercise and a long term project that they will be happy to have a few years down the road. In addition, this is a great opportunity for young minds to express themselves and interact with others through comments.

I believe that a child can start to write a blog very early at the primary level. This could even be a weekly assignment or a subject in the curriculum at school, all is possible. What the children blog about does not need to be perfect and it is a good opportunity for them to progress in grammar and spelling, together with creative writing.

You can write a blog right now!

It’s easier said than done you may think.

How do I set-up my blog in the first place? How do I blog?

There are two possibilities:

1) You buy a domain and hosting, install WordPress, set-up the blog with a theme and all plugins. By the time you finish this you will certainly have to update WordPress or some of the plugins… and then, you may start blogging!

2) You start to write a blog. Yes, you can use a professional blog that is not only set-up properly with all the options you need, but that is also bringing you traffic instantly due to its high authority.

The second solution is more appealing and I really encourage you to go this route. The lines you are reading right now are on this kind of blog and what I just have to do is pay a monthly fee and blog.

ILN dashboard

Don’t be mistaken the first solution also costs money and it is much harder to get started.

I have articles on this blog and they rank higher in search engines due to the nature of the blogging network. I couldn’t have this in a regular blog that fast when starting.

I perfectly know the in and out of a blog and I have a few others self-hosted blogs out there I set-up myself. I chose this one to be my ILN blog because of the ease of use and the high ranking I get with it for each post. And I also use what I recommend.


Not only  you can start a blog

…for you …your child …or the family,

but you can create as many blogs as you want with the Internet Lifestyle Network blogging system.

And this is how it looks like.

ILN blog

See it live here.

Later on, if you wish to go with your own self-hosted WordPress blog, you can export all your posts and import them to your installation.

Besides the benefits to run a blog like this, if you start to write a blog it will be an asset that can bring you a significant income over time.

But, that’s another story I will tell in another post.



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