Famous French Songs Play List


Famous French Songs:

According to Google there are 2,900 searches for the term famous french songs and 12,000 searches containing the term french songs per month. As the search is done in English I can see that there are non french natives interested in listening to our popular music and singers. So I decided to write a blog post on the topic.

Alain Bashung - Gaby Oh Gaby

Thank you very much Alain for putting this famous french songs play list together on Youtube. That’s with great pleasure I listened to these old songs again.

Famous French Songs Play List:

If you want to watch the videos of these famous french songs separately, click on the links below:

1) Alain Bashung  – Gaby oh Gaby
2) Renaud  – Dès que le vent soufflera
3) Laurent Voulzy et Véronique Jeannot – Désir désir
4) Caroline Loeb – C’est la ouate
5) Bandolero – Paris latino
6) Jean-Jacques Goldman – Il suffira d’un signe
7) Rose Laurens – Africa
8) Eddy Mitchell – Le cimetière des éléphants
9) France Gall et Michel Berger – Tout pour la musique
10) Eddy Mitchell – Couleur menthe à l’eau
11) Linda William – Traces
12) Dave – Week end
13) Françoise Hardy – Voyou voyou
14) Renaud – Les aventures de Gérard Lambert
15) Michel Berger – Mademoiselle Chang
16) Michel Fugain – Viva la vida
17) Catherine Ferry – Bonjour, bonjour (1982)
18) Laurent Voulzy – Bopper en larmes
19) Laurent Voulzy – Le soleil donne
20) Françoise Hardy – Partir quand même…
21) Julien Clerc – Coeur de rockeur
22) Françoise Hardy – Fais moi une place
23) Philippe Lavil – Il tape sur des bambous
24) Gérard Blanchard – Rock Amadour
25) Desireless – Voyage voyage

famous french songs

That’s all for today!

I hope you enjoyed watching these famous french songs video.

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