Famous Singapore actor John Cheng aka ‘Ah Nan’ has died


Getai veteran Ah Nan has died of a heart attack on Jan 21, 2013.

John Cheng You Nam, aka “Ah Nan” or “Ah Nam”, a famous Singaporean getai singer and actor has passed away according to the The Straits Times.

Getai performer and part-time actor John Cheng, better known as Ah Nan, died of an apparent heart attack last night.

The 52-year-old collapsed backstage following a performance in a nightclub in Parklane Mall, according to his wife. She spoke to the organisers of a Chinese New Year concert he was scheduled to perform at on Feb 12.

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The 52 years old actor Ah Nan appeared in lots of Singapore TV productions such as “Comedy Night”, but also movies like “The Ghosts Must Be Crazy” and “I Not Stupid”.

The actor made his debut in 1998 in feature film “Money No Enough”, with Singapore actor/directors Mark Lee and Jack Neo.

钟耀南 – 解酒  (Ah Nan – Hangover)

Location: Bukit Batok West 8 big 178
The Organizers: water Lim Palace
Production unit: Winner Getai
Band: Ville Sri Lanka
Song name: Hangover
Singer: Zhong Yaonan

RIP Ah Nan, Singapore most suitable actor for gangster roles.

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