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What is Safelist Marketing?

A safelist site is a membership advertising venue where members are marketing their offers to each others. Safelists solely exist for specific niches: business opportunities, multi level marketing (MLM), traffic resources and all kind of Internet marketing tools. Efficient safelist marketing is promoting your offer in as many safelists as you possibly can.

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There are on the Internet hundreds of safelists of different quality that you can join for yoursafelist marketing. Joining these is Free and there are upgrades available may you decide to get more options or advertise to more people in the list. You can advertise your offer by email, which is the main feature of safelists, banner or text ads, log-in or log-off ads, and full page ads.

Each free or paid member has agreed to receive promotional email messages from other marketers in exchange of the ability for doing the same. It is safe to do safelist marketing as there is no SPAM complaint possible. But how this can be free? Safelists nowadays are credit based. This means that when you sign-up, you have an amount of credits in your account to use for advertising.

One credit is spent for sending your email to one member or for one view of your banner ad. In order to earn more credits you have to open other members’ emails and click a “credit link”, which will open a website with a timer generally at the top. After 10 to 30 seconds you will earn from 10 to 1,500 credits.

Now, clicking and viewing sites for credits does not sound like something fun… but, it’s FREE! If you organize your work and dedicate an hour daily for this, you will be able to email your offer to ten of thousands of targeted prospects, everyday for free. Depending on the safelist rules you will be able to email everyday, every 3 days, every 5 days, every 7 days or every 10 days.

If you really don’t like the clicking you still can upgrade for the main safelists or pay someone to click for you and still experience your safelist marketing results.

Safelist Marketing How To

You may start your safelist marketing with a pool of eight safelist sites to get your feet wet. These are the top responsive safelists I use and recommend you to join first as you will get results:

1) List Jumper >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

Explode My List!



2) Ad Chiever >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

Profitable Email Marketing



3) Bweeble >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

4) List Adventure >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

5) List Joe >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

6) List Outbreak >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

7) Viral Nugget >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!

8) Buzz Bee Advertising >> SIGN UP FOR FREE

* I recommend only the stuff I use and that give me results.

If you have the budget to upgrade right on the OTO (One Time Offer) at sign-up it will be worth it. The price is highly discounted and you will be able to email more people, get credits monthly and more credits when you “click for credits”. If you do not take the OTO, you still will have the possibility to upgrade later, but at the regular price.

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If you use your personal email address you will regret it dearly as you will receive a huge amount of emails impossible to manage together with your regular emails. Instead, open two Gmailaccounts before you register to the 8 safelists above:

1. One email address for your “List Email Address”
2. One email address for your “Contact Email Address”

You will mainly receive the promotional emails from other marketers to your “List Email Address”, but also your “Contact Email Address”. Many Solo ads, which are paid ads, are sent to the contact address and it will be the first place to go to “click for credits” as these will give you much more credits, from 300, 500, 800, 1,000 and 1,500 credits in one click!

I hope this article on safelist marketing will be useful to you. Tomorrow, I will tell you about the tools that you must use in order to save your time and maximize credits.

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