Jerry Banfield’s Free SEO Course for 2019!


Would you like to learn how to master SEO and see traffic pouring on your website or YouTube channel, then this free SEO course by Jerry Banfield may just be what you need?

Free SEO Course by Jerry Banfield

With seven plus years of experience with SEO, Jerry Banfield is sharing with us what has worked for him to get traffic to his website and YouTube channel. It is not often that you can take a course on SEO with so much critical information for free and if you want to learn even more, then there is a full SEO course that you can purchase.

Jerry Banfield’s Free SEO Course for 2019!

In his YouTube video that you can watch at the end of this post, Jerry Banfield will tell you what strategies are useful and those that are time wasters.

The first section of the free course is about having a mindset of serving viewers and solving problems. While we are used in other SEO courses to learn about tricks and hacks that do nothing good long-term, Jerry is explaining that your mindset is very important.

When I started my business out online I was in a mindset of scarcity, of hustling, of limited amounts of money and time and that mindset led me into strategies that I did not like doing, for example, trying to go and find everywhere I could possibly get someone else to link to my new website.

Does that sound familiar?

Having the right mindset and creating good content that solve problems and help people is what will help you the most in getting back links without even asking for them.

The second part of the free course is about getting 2.5+ million impressions a month on Google and YouTube. Jerry explains what his strategy is with his website and YouTube channel to produce that many impressions a month.

If you want to master search engine optimization and inbound marketing, if you want millions of people coming in, it is essential to produce videos.

You might like it or not, but producing videos is what will help your written content to get more traffic. To summarize the strategy, Jerry makes a video on YouTube, have it transcribed and edited in a blog post with screenshots, with also the video embedded in the post. This makes very long blog posts rich in keywords that will rank each post for several keywords and drive traffic in.

The third part is about the worst of SEO and this reminded me of when I was doing SEO twelve or fifteen years ago. Some of these prehistoric strategies are time consuming, annoying and most of them do not work anymore.

Number one, never ever, ever, ever buy back links.

Buying back links looks like the easy way to build ranking, but I can confirm that this is a really bad idea.

The fourth part is about where to start and this can be challenging, but it is in fact very easy because you just have to start where you are at with the problems you have got today.

Fix the problems in front of you and especially fix the most painful, most embarrassing, most challenging, most frustrating problems. Help other people with those and forget about your views. Forget about your search engine ranking. Just try to help people. Fix the problems in front of you, put something out there and do it again and again.

When you create quality content that genuinely help people and fix their problems, you just can’t go wrong.

The fifth part is about the Wikipedia style. Wikipedia is the most popular website because it gives a lot of useful information on every topic, which is covered in a very long page full of keywords.

If you want to get those high rankings, if you want to have people watch, you often need long-form content. You need blog posts that are generally 2,000 to 10,000 words long.

Three or four hundred words, even thousand-word blog posts are not enough to get ranked because there are now so much competition and the only way that you can get higher rankings is to write massive blog posts. This sends us back to the strategy of shooting a video, having it transcribed and edited as this makes it faster and easier to produce such long content.

The sixth part is about having a scalable and fast web host because what is the point of creating good content and have your server crash when you are just starting to get more traffic as a result of your work?

Not only a cheap server will make your website crash if it goes viral, but a slow download speed is what will also give you lower rankings in Google.

From Google’s point of view, the time spent downloading a page is a good indication of how fast the website is. What I found on every other web host I used is a slow page downloading crawl.

Having a good web host is the easiest SEO you can do and Jerry tells us exactly what he uses for his website in the free course.

The seventh part is about email marketing to build relationships. When you add email marketing, and send a weekly newsletter,  you can bring people back to your website and this gives you more opportunities for your posts to be shared and get back links.

This helps people who just want to check on me once a week to very quickly see the best of what I’ve created, to quickly scroll through the email and see anything they want to do.

In the video Jerry recommends the email marketing software that will make it easy for you to collect email subscribers and send beautiful newsletters.

I’d like to recommend that you read Jerry’s post on his blog:

Or watch the video below.

Best Free SEO Course for 2019? Rank High in Google and YouTube Search Today!

Best Free SEO Course for 2019? Rank High in Google and YouTube Search Today!

Published on Oct 5, 2018.

Master SEO with me for 2019 here for free or enjoy the best experience in the full course at where we see how to rank high in Google and YouTube organic search and get amazing results for our inbound marketing efforts based in content creation without link building or using advertising! Here is our outline for this video!

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If you want to master SEO and follow in Jerry’s foot steps, I highly encourage you to take his full course Master of SEO.”

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