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Internet Job:

People who do not want to have their own Internet business or do Internet marketing still can get an Internet job. In fact, anyone with some basic IT knowledge can find a job on one of the freelancing platforms available on the net.

Internet jobThe one I prefer is Not because I am freelancing with them, but because I outsource my Internet work to them. I have started to use Odesk several years ago and I have posted a hundred of job offers, recruited lots of freelancers of different countries to complete different Internet marketing tasks.

If you are looking to make some money on the side from home during your free-time, Odesk is worth looking at.

With all the job offers that are posted daily there is certainly something that you can do.

If you look at the work categories they have, you will see:

# Web Development
# Writing & Translation
# Customer Service
# Software Development
# Administrative Support
# Sales & Marketing
# Networking & Information Systems
# Design & Multimedia
# Business Services

And they have so many sub-categories to provide, that you will find your Internet job…

Internet Job

The minimum requirement is of course to be able to use a computer and the Internet, and the knowledge of the English language. You also need to have a reasonably recent computer and a fast Internet connection.

First, you need to register and complete a profile with a resumé. You also have to complete the basic Odesk test to make sure that you understand how the platform works, how to find jobs, accept a contract and track your hourly time.

Second, you can identify the things that you can do. If you are not a programmer or web designer you still can work doing data-entry, posting comments, posting links, searching for information and different easy tasks that you certainly can do.

When you first join, apply at the minimum bid you can afford. 1$ per hour is a good idea, and as you get more jobs done and more experience you can progressively increase your hourly rate and bids. You first need to complete several job offers and get valuable good comments and stars form your employers, so other employers will then chase you to give you higher paid work.

Odesk has a system in place to make sure that contractors are paid for the work they have done… and employers have paid for the work done. All payment matters are done through the site and you can be paid on your PayPal account. In the event there is an issue between an employer and contractor Odesk will do the mediation.

I hope that this article made you aware that it is possible to trade your time for money online and get an Internet job.

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