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Google's Matt Cutts | How to Get Better Visibility on Google

In this video Matt Cutts give some tips on how to get better visibility on Google. His first tip is to think about what phrase people would use to search for your website and include it in the Titleand the Description. The second tip is to submit your URL to Google if you want to be indexed faster. The third tip would be to submit a sitemap in Webmaster Tools.

These tips above are using common sense and are know by most people with basic SEO knowledge.

Matt Cutts also says that companies or small businesses with a website should also have a blog in order to post information that their prospective customers and customers would be able to interact with. Writing good content with information people are searching for and sharing the posts via social media can help to have legitimate links created without spamming.

I totally agree with this and if you have a business and no blog, or one of these low quality and low ranking free blogs, you should take a look at this blogging system.

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