Have you been hypnotized in your Childhood?


Hypnotized without knowing it!

During your childhood, you have certainly been hypnotized in one way or another like all of us. Being hypnotized does not mean you were manipulated against your will, but means that you have been planted a belief that stopped you to excel in a certain field. Beliefs were put in you mostly by parents, teachers and friends who maenad no harm in anyway, but has led to lifetime consequences.

HypnotizedFor example, as a kid, you may have been told that you were not good in algebra or arithmetics, and consequently continued to fail in these areas regardless the amount of effort you put in at the time… You were hypnotized in believing this.

Or, as a young adult, you haven’t been able to find the job of your dreams because you in-consciously believe what was said to you by your parents that all family members were, are, and will be factory workers… Once more, you were hypnotized in believing this.

There is no limit in what you can do as long as you believe it can be done and work toward achieving the goal you have set for yourself. There are many successful business owners who started from scratch. They are not college graduates and worked their way to success. They had first been hypnotized and believed that without a degree education they would go nowhere.

After deleting this belief, or having de-hypnotized themselves, they were finally able to dare working towards their goal.

Of course, there are areas in life that you may not be able to reach because it’s a field that requires specialized knowledge or physical aptitude. You do not decide to become a surgeon or pilot at 32 years old… but if you decide to become successful in business, you can start at any age.

Hypnotized by your own self!

Sometimes you are not hypnotized by others, but by your own self. You believe that there are certain things that you can’t do and they may just be a hidden talent you haven’t discovered yet that can bring you success in life.

When I was offered a teaching job several years ago, I had the belief that this was not for me. I just wasn’t picturing myself in front of 35 students as I was very reserved and shy to speak in front of an audience. I was so sure, that I missed my first interview with the principal.

A good friend of mine, convinced me at the time, that I could do it, so I had the interview scheduled and was hired. After a couple of months adjusting to this new environment, I became quite a good teacher, according to what my supervisors have said throughout the years.

I then went on the Internet making websites, blogs, SEO for myself and clients and all kind of stuff I have learned by reading and practicing. I even once was responsible for the production of full-size exhibition fiber-glass models…

Nothing is impossible as long as you have an interest and the will of succeeding. Just gethypnotized yourself in a way that serves you and your goals. Believe and you will succeed.

Michel Gerard

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