Have you Heard of FaceBook Retargeting?


If you have a website or a blog with organic traffic or if you use paid traffic to a specific page, you must have a look at FaceBook retargeting. The famous social media has more than 1 billion members and if you haven’t advertised with them it might be the time to start.

Go to this page to get started.

The difference between having regular FaceBook ads and retargeting FaceBook ads is that the later is much more targeted and converts much better at a lower cost.

When retargeting you show your ads only to people who have already visited your website, blog or sales page, instead of promoting to a new audience.

You can also choose to retarget your customer base or leads and you can do so by creating a custom audience with a list of emails and phone numbers. How cool is that?

After having tested retargeting myself recently, I can say that setting a campaign is much easier and does not need all the tweaking a regular campaign would require.

If you want to know more on how to retarget your website visitors with FaceBook, see my tutorial on my other blog:

How to Create a Custom Audience in FaceBook for a Retargeting Campaign?


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