How Google Search Results are Ranked?


Are results in different positions ranked by different algorithms?

If you want to have your website or blog rank well, it is necessary to read information or watch videos from the people who are making the rules. Matt Cutts is the head at Google’s Webspamdepartment and answer people’s questions on video.

How Does Google Rank Search Results?

Today, Matt is asked how Google rank all the results. Are they using the same algorithm and then order their results? How are they ordering the results? You will have the answer in this video.

Published on Jan 15, 2014 on GoogleWebmasterHelp Youtube Channel.

Question: Do Google use the same algorithm to rank all the results on page 1, or different algorithms for a wider variety in the results? (Pos. 1-3 -- primary focus on freshness Pos. 4-6 -- primary focus on backlinks Pos. 7-10 -- primary focus on social signals) ~ Jacob Worsøe, Denmark.

What Matt Cutts says concerning the rank is that the algorithm looks at relevancy vs reputation to order the search results. Relevancy can be translated by good content directly related to the search, without considering back-links… while reputation is based directly on the domain name and the number and quality of back-links.

The same quality content on two different websites will be sorted by reputation. This is why it is so important to publish content regularly that is shared and linked to naturally. If you have relevancy and reputation, you win! If you have only one of them, you’ll not achieve the top rankings.

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