How is your Business Why different from your Personal Why?


In order to have massive success in business, you need to have a “Why”. If you don’t, you will just be wandering around not having the real success that you deserve.

What is a why?

A why is the reason you want to be in business. You may have a regular job right now, or be unemployed, and in either case you are unhappy and want a change in your life.

Your Personal Why

A proper why wouldn’t be the wish to escape your present situation, but what you desire for your life in the future. Your personal why may be: Offering the best possible life to your family, be financially free, sending your children to college, or retiring your parents.

These are the reasons you want to be in business.
That’s your personal why.

It’s not to be mistaken with goals like buying a car or a house. A why is a worthy ideal that you want to trade your life for. This will motivate you to be diligent in your business.

Now, how will your “personal why” interest your prospects and customers?

It won’t! Nobody cares of what you want in life and why you are in business. What counts is what is in there for them.

Your Business Why

So, you need, and that’s very important, a “business why” that appeals to others.

Your business why may be to offer the best products at the cheapest price, or innovating products that change lives, or the best customer service in town. Your “business why” is how people should perceive you and your business. This will be the reason for them to follow you and buy from you.

If you have an online business as I do, your “business why” may be to help other marketers to grow their businesses in offering the best teachings, courses and tools.

In Network Marketing, it may be to have the most successful team in the company or create success stories.

Your “business why” is not your “personal why” and you absolutely have to tell your prospects and customers about it.

I hope this helps.

Michel Gerard

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