How to Achieve your Life Goals


Never quit on your dreams and achieve your life goals:

Most people do not succeed in life because they quit on their dreams too soon. For everything you want to do in life there is a learning curve, and persistence together with practice lead to successfully achieving your life goals.

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When you learn how to drive a car, you first learn the theory, and then you practice at the steering-wheel with an instructor. You absolutely need these three elements to successfully learn how to drive: theory, practice and instructor. You also need to do it for a certain amount of hours before you acquire the skill of driving and get your driving license.

This is quite the same thing with Internet marketing and building a web business. There is a learning curve, theory and practice to go through, not alone, but with a coach. You need to go about it with persistence before you acquire the necessary skills and reach your life goals.

After you get your driving license, you will get enough knowledge to go by, but after acquiring more experience, several months later, you will get better. If you quit on learning at the theory, you will never be able to drive…

In Internet marketing, most people fail because they quit too soon. They quit at the theory with information overload, or before they get enough practice to go by. The most persistent newbies quit just before they have their breakthrough and see the results that they desire and deserve. They will never see their life goals realized.

Dare to Pursue your Life Goals

An online business is no different than an off-line business, would you open a shop, buy all the furniture and equipment, the stock… and then quit 90 days after opening, and without having advertised it in anyway? I bet you would need a bit more time to launch the business, don’t you think so?

This is what people do with an online business. They sabotage their chances to attain their life goals.

They get on this Internet deal, get through the training, or often not, do not place a single ad to advertise their online business and then quit. They don’t only quit, but call it a scam! And then they sign up for the next shiny deal. Are you one of them?

I believe that people do not treat their online business as a business because it is too cheap compared to a brick and mortar business. They treat it more like a lottery thing that should run by itself and bring them money without much effort. This is just not right. This can’t lead to one of the life goals you have.

A brick and mortar business needs a huge investment in time and money while you can start an online business part-time, in your free time, after your day job, just for $25 a month. Even if the fee is ridiculously low, it is not a lottery ticket and you need to treat it like a $10,000 expense a month to get motivated and treat it like a real business.

What is this super online business I am talking about? Well, if you work with me, I will show you.

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And do never quit on your dreams! Dare to pursue your life goals!

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