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Create a Blog in HTML:

When I started blogging on the Empower Network blogging system I always used the “Visual” tab when creating a post or a page, but as I acquired the skill of writing I have been using the “text” tab in the WordPress back office. It is in fact quite easy when you know which peaces of code to use to create a blog in HTML.

I am limiting myself to a handful of codes that are not only making the blog post look better, but help optimize it for SEO. Before I show you what they are, this is how I write a post:

– I find an idea for a post and the main keyword.

– If I am not at the computer or with my iPad, I use paper and a pencil to write the first draft. I now include the code like bold, italic, underline right on paper.

– I type the blog post offline on a text editor such as Notepad.

– I login in the back-office and create a blog in HTML or “Text” view.

– I do not switch back to the “Visual” tab as it causes some code to change when reversed back in “Text” view.

– I save as “Draft”. Check the SEO score. Modify text and code if necessary. And finally click preview.

– If the post looks good, I just press the “Publish” button.

You too, with experience, you will prefer to use the “Text” view when you create a blog in HTML.

Create a Blog in HTML

An image is worth thousand words, so I include an image below that shows the “Text”, “Visual” and “Real” view of the different code that I use.

Create a Blog in HTML

The code I use inside the text window for SEO optimization are:

<b> …… </b> for bold
<i> …… </i> for italic
<u> …… </u> for underline

<h2> …… </h2> for the second largest heading
<h3> …… </h3> for the third largest heading

<h4> …… </h4> for the fourth largest heading (optional)

This one is already used in the Post Title automatically
<h1> …… </h1> for the first largest heading

I do not mention Media code for images, videos or audio, as well as links but them too can be inserted in text view. If you have a text file with a template of all the code you can use, you can copy and paste them easily and never use the “Visual” view again.

I hope this blog post on how to Create a Blog in HTML has been useful to you.

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