How to Develop Good Habits that Serve You


Bad habits vs good habits:

Everybody have bad and good habits in their lives. Bad habits are usually very easy to acquire when in the contrary good habits can go the other way. Which category, the bad or the good habits, will serve you better in order to achieve your goals and succeed in life?

good habitsA habit is something you do or you do not do. Let me explain. Brushing your teeth every morning is a good habit, while NOT brushing your teeth is also a habit, which is not so good if you are in close contact with people at work… In either way this can be changed to serve you better. How can this be applied in your off-line or online business?

You first need to know what would be the things that need to be done on a daily basis to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Make a list and see what you are already doing and what is missing. You then have to start doing what’s missing and add it to the good habits you already have.

It is known that good habits are created when done consistently for a period of 28 days. If you miss a day, you have to do it all over again and start at day one, otherwise the habit is not successfully formed. This is the way to create good habits, but also the way to eliminate bad habits in stopping doing something that not serves you for 28 days. It works two ways.

If for example you start your work by chatting online on FaceBook, it is not the best habit you have developed in your business. Stop doing it for 28 days, and plant another habit instead, which can be a reading or writing session on your blog. Reserve your chatting sessions for relaxing times and at the end of the day when you brain power has declined, this will serve you better.

Do not try to develop several good habits at the same time as it can become very challenging to keep being committed for 28 days. For my Internet business, I developed 3 good habits one after the other. They are:

– reading self-development books for 30 minutes at least everyday.
– listening to self-development and Internet marketing audios for at least
45 minutes per day.
– blogging everyday.

I can’t say that starting those good habits have been like a walk in the park, but as soon as I made the decision to commit I followed through.

Good Habits Creation

The habit of reading is easy to acquire, you just have to set the time for it.

good habits

I personally do it in the morning when drinking coffee before I start any work. If you are watching TV, or reading the newspaper, I really suggest that you set this time to feed your mind with good and positive stuff first thing in the morning. You will see a difference in your life as I did!

The second habit, which is listening to a self-development audio is super easy as it can be done during your down time while you are doing something else: showering, ironing, cooking, driving or gardening… I have 45 minutes of commuting time 5 days of the week, so I listen the audios in my car. When I arrive at the office I already have two good habits completed.

And when I drive back home, it’s bonus time with more audios. This serves me better than listening to the news on the radio or music. This is then 90 minutes of quality time that I have used for my self-development, without adding to my busy schedule.

The third habit comes naturally after the two others. After you have read and listened to audios, your mind is full of ideas and you have enough inspiration and material to fulfill your next habit and write your daily blog post. Honestly, this habit was the most difficult to acquire for me as it is quite challenging to start writing and put sentences together in proper grammar. Like many other bloggers, the first posts are difficult, after 50 it is a routine that gets easier.

The habit I am working on now is Social Media participation for at least 30 minutes per day. I know that this can help my business and as I was in the habit of not doing it regularly, I now like, share, comment on FaceBook or other Social Networks. I am at about day 15 of this new habit creation and I joined Empire Avenue to help me add this to my good habits collection. I do social media in the evening when my brain power is at its lowest and I am already seeing great results.

Acquiring new good habits is like re-programming yourself to do certain things that serve you. When you have them, they are done automatically like putting on your pants in the morning.

What are the good habits you have decided to obtain today?

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