How to Do List Building?


List Building:

List building is the most important aspect of your Internet business. If you have a website with traffic and do not build a list you are missing out big time. A visitor to your site comes and goes. A subscriber comes and returns.

list building

How do you build your list?

You first need to place a web form on your site. This web form will collect a “First Name” and/or “Email Address”. It is useless to collect more as less people will be willing to enter their information on your site. You can place this web form in the sidebar of your site, on a separate page, on the Home Page or as a pop over after a certain amount of time.

It is certain that the more web form you have on the site, the more subscribers you will have. In order to have your visitors convert in subscribers, you need to give them something of value in exchange of their email address. This is called a Lead magnet or a bribe and can be a Free Report, eBook, audio or video.

List Building

When the person has opted in he becomes a subscriber that you can email afterwards with a follow-up sequence of messages or broadcasts. In order to do this you must have an auto-responder in place with either Aweber or GetResponse (Free $30 to get started). The messages that you send must be related with what they have subscribed for. Sending high value info with at times sale messages is what work best in list building.

If your site is about Dog Training, you may offer a free report as a lead magnet and then, follow-up with your subscribers with tips on how to train their dog. As your subscribers start to enjoy your emails, you may send them a sale message to recommend them a product or sell your own related to dog training of course.

As your list grow, people will be reading your messages and return to your site. It will become easier then to make sales and monetize your site with your list building efforts.

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