How to download the Inner Circle audios?


If you are like me a member of the Empower Network’s Inner Circle, you must have been very frustrated to see that the download buttons have disappeared since the upgrade to ENV2. How to download the Inner Circle audios?, you ask yourself…

As we are constantly told that listening to these audios during our downtime while jogging or in the car is very important, and the fact that there is no news saying when a download buton for each audio will be available, this is…

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How to Download your Inner Circle Audios!

You first need to have the Firefox browser installed, click here to download it.
You then need to install a Firefox plugin called DownloadHelper.

After you have installed the plugin you will see a small icon displaying at the top right of your browser. When there is no video playing on the page you are on, it is inactive.

Select the “Inner Circle” in your left menu.

Click on the arrow shown above to show the “Inner Circle” library.

The last Audio entry is showing first.

Click on the arrow of the audio you want to download.

The audio is showing as a video, but there is only audio, no picture.

You can see on the image above that the “DownloadHelper” icon at the top right is now active. If the video does not start automatically, click the start button, and the “DownloadHelper” icon should become active.

Click the little arrow next to the “DownloadHelper” icon.

Select “Download”.
There are other download options that I let you explore by yourself.

The Save windows shows.

Click the “Save” button.

The file that you download is an mp4, which is a video format. You can use the file as it is to listen to the audio on your computer or iPad, but if you want to put the file on a CD or iPod, it will have to be converted to mp3.

Conversion to mp3 can be done directly with “DownloadHelper” if you are on Windows. Read more on this here.

Or you can use external software as I do.

I hope this helps.

Michel Gerard

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