How to Download Youtube Videos for Free


You can easily download Youtube videos for free:

Youtube is great and there are lots of videos for your entertainment or education. The problem is that you have to be online and stream the videos while sitting at your computer. What if you coulddownload Youtube videos for free in order to watch them later offline. You may then transfer them to your iPad or iPhone for your entertainment while commuting, without using your mobile Internet connection.

There are a few software, plugins and services out there that can do the trick, but they are not very convenient to use, contain advertisement or you realize that in fact the Free download is a paid download! It took me quite a long time, but I finally found an amazingly simple software that candownload Youtube videos for free. Yes, for FREE!

This software is ClipGrab

Download Youtube Videos for Free

Click the image above to download ClipGrab or click here.

ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many other online video sites. It converts downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats in just one easy step.

ClipGrab is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and not only it can download Youtube videos for free, but also from other video sites like: Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily motion,,, and The output formats supported by ClipGrab are the original format on Youtube and MPEG4, MP3, WMV, OGG Vorbis & OGG Theora. You can also select the quality of your download from low to high definition (240 to 720 p).

MPEG4 is nowadays the most popular video format. It is compatible with almost all devices and players and is also the best choice for downloading videos to your iPad or iPhone.

Download Youtube Videos for Free

Let me show you now how to download Youtube videos for free using ClipGrab. There are two ways to do your download.

1) Search section

If you know the title of the Youtube video, type it in the window provided in the search section. You may also type any keyword as you would do directly on Youtube.

Download Youtube Videos for Free

In that example I wanted to download the “$10K Challenge” video by Vick Strizheus, which is more than 3 hours long in order to watch it later on my iPad. I just typed the title of the video and got a few entries to choose from.

2) Downloads section

If you first searched or found a video on Youtube, grab the link and paste it in the window provided in ClipGrab. Then click the “Grab this Clip!” button.

Download Youtube Videos for Free

You notice that there are 2 format settings. The first one is the Format you want to output the Youtube video. If you choose “Original”, ClipGrab will download the original. If you choose another format, it will convert the video.

Download Youtube Videos for Free

You can also select the “Quality” of your download. If you want to view the video on your iPhone, it is not necessary to download in high definition.

Download Youtube Videos for Free

That’s it! See how easy it is to download Youtube videos for free!


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