How to Find Your Purpose of Life


Find your purpose of life:

Your life consists of just “going with the tide”, without any specific destination. You sometimes look at your life and wonder: “Is this all there is?”

You haven’t found your your purpose of life yet.

The pursuit of material things sometimes seem meaningless to you and you often feel as though life is passing you by. Your time is consumed by things that need to be done, rather than things that are important to you. People at work put demands and responsibilities on you that are opposed to what you want for your life. You have been trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations while your own plans and dreams go unfulfilled.

Does that sound familiar?

If your answer is “Yes”, you are not alone. It’s so easy for any of us to get “caught up” in life that we forget how to truly live and determine a purpose of life

There’s more wisdom than meets the eye in John Lennon’s famous saying: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

Frankly, life is too short for us to waste most of it on the acquisition of material things, in trying to impress people we care little about, and on things that will have little or no value to us when we look back on our lives during our golden years.

A Way to Find your Purpose of Life

purpose of life

A way to discover and achieve your purpose of life is through the use of affirmations. Your life’s purpose may be set as your personal mission, or your spiritual path, or the cause for which you live, or how you plan to make a difference, or what you want to leave behind after you are gone – or anything that’s truly important to you.

Choose the affirmations that feel appropriate to you. Feel free to create an affirmation that’s suitable to you by asking yourself these questions:

“What do I want? And how will I know when I get it?”

Those questions will put you on the right track to crafting purpose of life affirmations that strike an emotional chord in you, or at least enable you to substitute words in any of the above affirmations with words that have special meaning to you.

Find your purpose of life now, it;s not too late.

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