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Solo Ads:

There are many ways on the Internet to get leads for your online business. Pay per Click, Pay per View, Youtube videos, FaceBook, Twitter are a few possibilities, but the one I prefer, and that has produced the best results for me each time is “Solo Ads”.

Solo ads are email messages sent to other people’s mailing list. The method is sometimes called OPM for “Other People List”. If you are an Internet marketer with a huge list of people interested in Internet marketing you may sell solo ads. Most of the people in your list have to be active, which means that they open your emails and click on links.

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Solo ads are promotional email messages sent to a list of people. The message contains the necessary wording to entice people to click on a link, which will lead them to a landing page, usually a squeeze page with the purpose of collecting leads. Leads are email addresses with often names that will be saved in an auto-responder system’s database for future follow-up.

When I want to buy solo ads, I look first at the reputation of the seller and how his list is used. The quality of the list is important to get the maximum of return on investment. If the list owner emails his lists 5 times per day with junk… it is not likely you will get the results you are looking for. The ideal is a well cultivated list emailed with quality and interesting content by its owner.

A serious solo ads owner will usually ask you the message you want to send and the link of the landing page that will be used. This is to make sure that your message is not junk and that your offer is somehow legitimate and related to the list’s interest. If the people on the list have signed-up to receive “dog training” information, they certainly would not be interested in your business opportunity. The list owner wants to offer them value in exchange of a small fee, he certainly does not want to alienate them and see hundreds of unsubscribers after your solo has been sent.

Some list owners accept only the promotion of free offers like free ebooks, software, audios or videos you give away after they have entered their email address on your squeeze page. Sale pages are sometimes accepted if they resonate with the owner of the list and their subscribers.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are a very effective way to build your own list and promote your offer directly to your subscribers later. After a while you can sell solo ads too, or do list swaps to continue growing your list.

Solo ads are sold two different ways: your message is sent to the whole list of subscribers without any clicks guaranteed for a fixed price, or you buy a certain amount of clicks where in that case the message is sent to as many people as necessary until you get the clicks you have paid for.

This second solution has worked best for me. I usually first purchase 50 or 100 clicks from a solo ads seller that has been recommended to me to test the water. I track results to see what conversion I get and if the subscribers are legitimate. Some unscrupulous solo ads seller will use bots or people to click and register, or send cheap paid traffic to your link… Tracking is essential in order to know if you want to continue with a bigger purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this solo ads article!

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