How to Get More Leads Online and Grow Your List


How to Get More Leads Online:

Do you know that the most important thing to do in your Internet business is to Get More Leads Online? If you are driving lots of traffic to your website and do not collect leads, you are losing big time. Most of the visitors to your site come from search engines, they find your site and leave to never return. What if you could recycle this traffic?

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If you have a system in place to collect “Leads”, people who give you their email address in exchange of a free video, a free report or something else of value, you can then follow-up with them by email and entice them to re-visit your site. Of course, you are not doing this to bombard them every hour with a product to buy, but offer them value.

If you are able to do that you can have rapidly a group of followers that will welcome your messages in their email box and click on your links. They will revisit your site, read your articles, know you better and buy your products. Sales are rarely made on the spot, but after having received about 5 emails at a minimum. It is said that a well-cultivated emailing list has a value of $1 per subscriber per month.

Getting subscribers with organic traffic is great because these visitors have landed on your site because they were looking for answers that you can provide them. They are highly targeted leads, interested in what you have, and it is likely that they will become customers someday.

Now, what can you do to get more leads online?

Building a list organically takes time and the website needs to be well-established to see a significant amount of leads per day. In order to get more leads online faster you have to use paid traffic. Paid traffic does not mean expensive traffic, but traffic you are willing to pay for to grow your list. The cost per click can vary a lot depending on the traffic source, but if the cost to acquire a targeted lead is $1 or less, you are good to go.

Get More Leads Online

Apart from free traffic, my favorite paid traffic source to get more leads online is Solo Ads. This kind of traffic is little known by Internet marketers outside the IM niche. It consists of paying a fee to a list owner to send our message to his subscribers. You pay for the solo to be sent one time to a number of subscribers, or you pay for a certain amount of clicks. In that case the solo is resent to provide the number of clicks you have paid for.

In the screen shot below you can see some of the results I got in my Getresponse account (I also have Aweber).

Leads Online

List A is only organic traffic of an eCommerce site selling baby clothes. Subscribers sign-up for the list to receive the last deals, discounts and new product arrivals. I was able to get more leads online by placing more sign-up forms on the site and the blog, and especially by using the FaceBook sign-up form. I also use a pop-up that appears after 10 seconds the first time a visitor visits the site. Not bad for organic traffic.

List B is Solo Ads to targeted lists in the IM niche. I get at minimum 25% of sign-ups for each campaign. I also got a nice 50% click conversion, which is excellent. These campaigns have to be tracked with special software in order to evaluate the quality of traffic and eventually re-use or abandon the solo ad seller. It is how you can see the real cost of a lead. This is very targeted traffic interested in what you have to offer.

List C is a Pay Per Lead campaign. This means that I do not pay per click, but per subscriber. It is not in anyway a list of emails and names sold to me, but real leads that signed-up to my list through a form placed in some other websites. I am using the GetSubscribers service in GetResponse in this case as it is cheap and targeted. I found that there are more people unsubscribing from this list, but I still do make sales. The inconvenience of GetSubscribers is that leads come in very slowly, a 200 subscribers package can take 3 months to complete. There are other PPL solutions out there.

List D is a mix of organic traffic and one banner ad campaign. The blog is pretty new so organic traffic is producing leads slowly. As long as I produce more content on the blog I will get more leads online each day. If I want to grow faster this list I will have to do more banner ad campaigns.

I hope you enjoyed this article and see now the importance to get more leads online in order to get more customers.

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