How to Make Everyday and Life Changing Decisions


Decision making is something that we are not taught in school. That is the reason why it is so difficult sometimes to make a decision.

A “Decision” is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. When you have a choice and make a decision, you cut out one or several options to keep only one thing.

How to Make Everyday and Life Changing Decisions

Should you have mash potatoes, salad buffet or French fries?

You decide on one thing cutting the others out. That is not difficult to decide what to eat, isn’t it?

There are other decisions to be made in life that are more difficult and challenging. Not being sure of what to choose delay the decision process.

Should you buy a Nissan, a Toyota or a Mercedes Benz?

In order to make a decision, providing you can afford one or the other brand, you would have to ask owners of these three brands what they like and don’t like and get the necessary information for your expensive purchase.

This will help you make a decision.

Making the wrong decision for buying a car does not have a huge consequence on your life. You still can resell the car and buy a new one…

In the contrary, choosing a career path, a country to live in, a person to marry, is life changing. Often, it’s very difficult or even impossible to change your choice after you have taken action on your decision.

A decision that can change your life takes serious thoughts and there is a part of risks in it. You have to find out what you have to gain or lose when you make the decision to cut out something for something else.

Here again, talking to someone who had to take the same kind of decision will be crucial for you to make the right decision.

Don’t ask your brother or your best friend, they might have no clue and not be in a good position to advise you.

My Most Important Life Changing Decision

When I was 27, I wanted to leave France for another country. I had already decided that, but I was interested by two countries: Canada and Thailand. I liked Canada for its culture and work opportunities, and I liked Thailand for the adventure.

I went to conferences, asked natives of these two countries and asked people who had moved to these countries.

I made a decision 20 years ago and I am still in Thailand today.

Did I make the right decision?

How would have been my life if I had chosen Canada?

That was an important decision to make.

If you have been postponing an important decision for some time, think about it and make a decision today.

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