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Make Your Own Blog:

You want to make your own blog and you don’t know how and where to start. The first thing would be to know if you want to blog as a hobby or blog as a way to make money online. And the second thing would be to decide of the topic: it can be a general personal blog with different topics or one specialized in one topic, “Travel” for example.

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Now, where should you get your blog? I strongly discourage to use free platforms, especially if you want to monetize the blog, as you are not the owner of your content. When the number of posts increases, you may be forced to move to your own platform anyways. Your account might be discontinued or the service shut down. Do you have the souvenir of a free service named GeoCities?

So the way to go is either to use a paid viral blogging system or install yourself WordPress and buy a domain name. As a blogger I have both of them and they all have their advantages. If you are a total newbie and don’t know a thing on how to make your own blog, the first option is the best.

Make Your Own Blog

Option 1: Paid blogging system

What you have to do is just register and you can have your first post published in 5 minutes. You do not need to know a thing about servers, scripts, WordPress installations, plugins, etc… The blog I am writing this post on right now is an example of a paid viral blogging system.

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It is very easy to use, with one simplified interface and the regular WordPress interface depending on your level of knowledge. You do not have to worry about plugins, maintenance and other stuff. Just Blog! And this one is the best system on the net, ranking your posts very high in search engines. You also get top notch Internet Marketing training.

Make your own blog immediately: Get one here for $37 per month.

Option 2: Self-hosted WordPress blog

First of all you have to choose a Hosting company to host your WordPress blog. There are many good companies out there, but you have to select a company that is not too cheap with a good customer support. Hosting on a shared server will cost around $8-10 per month.

After you have your hosting account you will have to point a domain name to it for your blog. If you haven’t purchased a domain name yet, have a look at, a domain will cost you $10 per year.

Before you start blogging, you will have to set it up in a particularly way to make it SEO friendly in order to have your posts rank better in search engines. You’ll have also to install different plugins that add functionality to WordPress, which comes only with basic functions out of the box.

There are numerous free or paid video training to help you with on how to make your own blog using WordPress.

As you can see option 2 is a bit cheaper, but there is a lot you have to do to set-up and maintain the blog. It will take also more time for the blog to become known on the Net. On the contrary, option 1 is a bit more expensive, but all you have to do is blog and get read fast! No worries. And you can make money with it too!

I hope you found this post interesting and know now how to make your own blog.

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