How to Open a Google Adsense Account?


Google Adsense Account:

You have a blog with traffic and want to earn some money placing Ads by Google. You first need to open a Google Adsense Account, which is pretty easy to do. Then, you will need to select the ads you want to show on your site and start collect money…

Unfortunately, making significant money is not as easy as it should be with Adsense and you will need lots of traffic. There are expert marketers with Adsense who make real money and I’d like to recommend this excellent post: How to Apply to Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved

In order to make money with Adsense, you basically need to optimize your page for one single keyword or long-tail keyword. The keyword has to be low competition so the page will show much easily in search results, and most importantly, the keyword has to have bids of more than $1 on AdWords in order not to make peanuts per click.

Google Adsense Account

I have had in the past a few optimized Adsense sites with quality content that have earned me some money, but I have experienced a decreased in $ per click making it not very viable considering the time spent and the lack of control being completely at the mercy of Google.

Beside selling ads having a Google Adsense Account is an easy way for high traffic sites to immediately earn revenue without doing the hard work of optimization. For the little guys there are other options that can make you much more money with much less work. Interested to know how?CLICK HERE

Otherwise, if you still want to go this route and open your Google Adsense Account, visit this excellent blog: Niche Pursuits

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