How to Post Free Classified Ads and Track Them


Post Free Classified Ads:

An efficient method to bring free traffic to your site is to post free classified ads. There are lots of free classified sites you can post your ads to like Craiglist, Backpage and many others… Most of the time you can add images to your advert and upgrade to a paid listing for better exposure.

In order to obtain significant results from this strategy, you have to post free classified ads in many different regions and cities as well as categories when possible. You also have to repost regularly to stay on top of listings. This is very time consuming and the only efficient way to do it is manually.

In order to have this painful job done, I hire contractors on Odesk to place the ads for me. If you have lots of free-time, you can do it yourself. Around 20 ads can be posted per hour, sometimes more, and each of them becomes a little sale person that will work for you.

Now, how do you know which advert is generating the most clicks? How do you know where to post free classified ads and get results? The answer is tracking your ads.

Post Free Classified Ads – Tracking

Tracking is essential if you want to know what is working and what is not. Some classified sites may just do not work for your ads, so why wasting time or money on those?

I personally use one short link per classified site. This way I can tell where my clicks are coming from and eliminate those sites that do not perform from future campaigns. I generally start this way to short list the sites where I will post free classified ads in my next campaigns. I start with 3 different ad copies and at that stage I use the same link.

Look at the results I get in just a couple of days from one classified site:

Post Free Classified Ads

I use the free Yourls software, which is a self-hosted link shortener with statistics. You may also use other shorteners like or gog.le, but the only way to control your links is to have them on your server.

Post Free Classified Ads

Post Free Classified Ads

Post Free Classified Ads

This simple tracking system will permit you to know where you get clicks from and for which ads. Now, it doesn’t tell you if you get leads in your list and from where they come from. In order to track Click to Lead conversion you will need other software or use other strategies coupled with this one. This will be the object of another post. Stay tuned!

I hope this article about how to post free classified ads and track them will help you get better results in your campaigns.

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