How to Promote Your Blog Without Working 12 Hours a Day?


How to Promote Your Blog:

Writing blog posts is one thing, promoting is another. Promotion starts at the time of writing the blog post in choosing a correct keyword or phrase that will rank the page high in search engines. After the post is published, there are different ways that can be used to promote your blog posts. It all depends on each blogger’s preference to choose a method or another.

In real life you certainly won’t open a shop in a street that has no people walking through. You would choose an avenue frequented by many people so they can visit your shop and buy. It is the same online.

For example, I wanted to write a post on “promoting blog posts”. I then researched on the Google keyword tool some related keywords. The first keyword/phrase I thought about like “promote blog posts” had very few monthly (exact match) searches. So it would have not been right to optimize the post for a search term almost no one use.

I found that the phrase “How to Promote Your Blog” had 2,400 searches per month and Low competition, so I decided to go for it. I did not change the topic I wanted to write about, I just gave myself a better chance of being found in search engines just by picking the correct phrase “how to promote your blog” (instead of “promote blog post”) that people search for. I’ll then optimize my post with this phrase for SEO purpose following the guidelines of my WP plugin.

Click here to see the detailed explanations on how to do this.

How to Promote Your Blog?

After the keyword has been found and the post optimized, it is time to think of how to promote your blog.

The main tool I use is Onlywire, a service that can publish your links to the top Social Media Networks. You first have to sign-up for an account and then select a plan that is in your budget. This solution is not expensive and worth it has it saves you time posting automatically to 50 Social Networks.


You still have to do some work at the start to register to all social networks individually if you do not have an account with them, and then enter your username and password for each in OnlyWire.

This will take 2 to 3 hours depending on if you want to use all services or not. After that you just enter your blog’s RSS feed Url in the system that will work automatically for you each time a post is published and solve the issue on how to promote your blog without spending 12 hours a day.

Check OnlyWire out: CLICK HERE

Facebook is a great way to promote the post and interact with people through comments. Onlywire sends the post to Facebook, but you also can use a WordPress plugin to do it with more options available like deciding of which image and description to display.

You can also have the Facebook comments appear simultaneously on your blog and Facebook. That is a great way to promote your post, which is free. You need quite a lot of friends, or good friends willing to share to their friends regularly to see good results.

Another way with Facebook is to publish to a Facebook page and use the paid post promotion feature. If you have the budget, this will be worth as you can reach many more people that will be interested in your topic. You can also use paid Facebook ads to promote your page that connects to your blog.

How to promote your blog is not difficult, as long as you have the time or someone to do it for you.

There are many other ways that bloggers use to promote their posts and I invite you to read this blog post for other interesting promotion ideas.

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