How to Protect and Track Your Affiliate Links


Affiliate links are ugly!

Affiliate marketing is the best method for Webmasters to monetize their website. They do not need to own the products, have inventory or even a website… This earning opportunity is made possible with the use of affiliate links containing a unique ID that can be tracked to yourself for receiving a commission when a sale occurs.

There is a problem with these long and ugly affiliate links. They are not pretty and can cause a few issues to the affiliate marketer using them:

– Smart users can see that they are affiliate links in their browser’s address and may not want you to have this commission.

– Worse, they may replace your affiliate ID by their affiliate ID so they get a commission/discount for their purchase stealing your commission.

– They may just copy and paste the domain name from the website or email in their browser to visit the parent website instead of your affiliate landing page.

– Long affiliate links often break in email clients and lead to an error page when clicked, which may be lost sales for yourself.

– They are too long to be memorized.

– They are too long to be written down on paper and typed back in a browser’s address bar without making a typo.

– Don’t even think putting them on a brochure, flyer or newspaper ad!

In addition to the different issues they can cause, the original affiliate links are a nightmare to track. They can be tracked individually and you can see statistics on the number of time they were clicked when you login in your affiliate program interface, but what if you have affiliate links in many different affiliate programs in different Networks? You have to login in each one and find your way through the stats. That’s not fun!

There is a solution.

Affiliate Links Shortened and Cloaked with Viral URL

ViralURL is a link shortener & cloaker that is easy to use. It has been especially designed for the Internet marketer and can do much more than shortening and cloaking affiliate links.

Let’s see what ViralURL can do for you:

– It can help you in protecting commission.
– It can help you in building mailing lists.
– It can help you in tracking statistics.
– It can help you in earning extra ad credits.

These are example of affiliate links:

– Original: amp;linkCode=ur2&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aaffiliate%20marketing&sprefix=affiliate%20ma

Ugly and too long!

– Shortened link with self-hosted shortener:

– Shortened with

affiliate links

These 2 short affiliate links look better, but the original link still can be seen in the address bar.

affiliate links

– Shortened and cloaked with ViralURL:

You are given a choice of 4 short links:

You may use one for your emails, one for your site and one for FaceBook!

And look at the stats:

List of shortened and cloaked affiliate links with stats:

affiliate links

Detailed stats:

affiliate links

This is how it looks like in FaceBook and Twitter:

affiliate links

affiliate links

And you can see that the link is cloaked in the address bar:

affiliate links

And if someone clicks on the ViralURL blue button located at the top left and becomes a free member of ViralURL, you get yourself a Lead!


All you have to do now is join ViralURL for free, then cloak your affiliate links, promote them and see your business soaring higher and higher.


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