How to Use Visualization to Get What you Want


Visualization is the art of creating in your mind clear images of events that have not yet happened. You may have visualized negative events in the past like failing at an exam or getting sick, which eventually happened. It seems that negative visualization is unconsciously more used than positive visualization. How to use visualization to your advantage?

Unwanted Negative Visualization

This is the kind of visualization that your mind is creating by itself if you don’t control it. A very anxious person will for example see a movie in his head of himself failing at an exam or getting seriously sick. This is repeated so often in his mind that finally it happens.

It is difficult for some people not to produce these negative images as they don’t have a clue how to control them and reverse the trend with positive visualization. When the mind is wandering in negative thoughts and images, it is necessary to have it stop and create a positive visualization immediately.

If visualization of negative events make them happen, then visualization of positive events can help make them happen too.

Wanted Positive Visualization

Instead of visualizing failing at an exam, replace the visualization by images of yourself completing the exam with ease and confidence, then seeing your excellent results on the information board, seeing friends congratulating you, seeing your parents full of joy as you tell them about your success…

Playing this movie repeatedly in your mind will certainly help better than the images of failure, especially if you are only a few points of passing or failing. Having this positive visualization will tell your brain and the universe that what you are seeing must be true. Chances are that you are going to get what you visualized.

I already see you saying… so, if I visualize a suitcase full of money… it will come to me. Come on, this does not work this way. If you visualize this money, you may be given opportunities to earn it and achieve your goals, but it won’t be without doing anything,

How does visualization work?

The brain sees no difference between something you are doing or something you are visualizing.

Visualization will help in three ways:

  • It will activate the creative powers of your subconscious mind.
  • It will focus your brain by programming its reticular activating system to see available resources that have always been there but you had never seen.
  • It will magnetize and attract to you the people, resources, and opportunities you must have to get what you want.

How to Use Visualization:

Create vivid images of what you want to get in your mind. Replay these images frequently everyday over a long period of time. With the images you are creating you may add sound and feelings to make it be even more realistic. Along the way you will receive ideas and meet people that will help towards achieving your goal.

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