How to work online and succeed?


Work Online:

Ninety-five percent of people trying to make money online fail. Only 5% make money with 2% being the top earners. Why is that? The answer is in the way these people treat their activities online and their state of mind.

I you work online as a hobby, nothing real will happen except a few lucky sales here and there at best. Making money online requires massive action and hard work online when launching the business. Most people unfortunately are looking for a magic bullet, a lottery ticket, that will make them money at the push of a button. That just does not happen.

In the contrary, if you treat your Internet venture as a real business and are ready to invest time and money to learn and work online the business, success is down the road. The first thing to do is educate yourself and learn the different online marketing technics that work.

You can learn by yourself google-ing and youtube-ing, but there are so much information posted that work and do not work, that you may just get information overload, get frustrated and quit. Lots of this information is written by people who themselves do not make money the way they are teaching you to do…

Work Online

As always I recommend to get you one mentor or two that has the results you want to have. If you want for example to promote digital products in ClickBank, get you a mentor that is a top earner in ClickBank. In the contrary, if you want to open an eCommerce store selling physical products, get someone in that field to teach you how to succeed.

Lawyers, doctors, architects go to school several years to get the knowledge and finally start their practice. Why Internet Marketing should be different? There are skills to be learned in order to work online and make money. The good news is that it takes less time to be an expert in one field of Internet Marketing, the cost of learning is much less expensive, and the earning potential much higher.

I have been an independent Internet marketer and affiliate manager for years, and even with years of experience there is always something to learn to improve my results and consequently my income.

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