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Laser Skin Treatment:

This morning I experienced for the first time laser skin treatment for a couple of moles I had on my back right side. Last Thursday, I put too much pressure with the towel after my shower and I got one mole bleeding. Not only these moles were not aesthetic, but they got me worried. So, I decided right away to have them checked by a dermatologist and have them removed.

I didn’t know anything about the procedure and I was imagining myself in an operating room with a few nurses assisting the surgeon… Not like this at all! After the dermatologist saw the two moles he advised to removed them and I jumped on this opportunity to say ok. I then waited 20 minutes in the waiting room and then it was my turn.

The procedure took about 20 minutes and was absolutely painless. The doctor injected some anesthetic next to the moles and that felt like an injection at the dentist’s office. “You are not afraid, do you?” said the doctor. “I don’t know if I should be. That’s the first time I am having laser skin treatment“, I replied. The doctor commented during the procedure, which is re-assuring to know what is being done.

During treatment there was the smell of burned skin just like when you burn a chicken’s skin to eliminate all the small feathers and hair still sticking on it. The smell is the only indication that the procedure is being done with a low intermittent clickety-clack sound when the laser is actioned, as it is completely painless. Nothing to fear at all, and as I am looking back this is something I should have done earlier. I’ll go for a follow-up visit next week.

I wanted the moles removed in order to eliminate the risk to have them develop in some form of cancer. Better to prevent than cure. At 48 this year, it is time to take care of my health and take advantage of Thailand’s affordable health facilities and services. As it was a aesthetic and not medical procedure, the insurance did not cover. This was no problem at all as the whole laser skin treatment costed me 2,900 Baht, which is $92, €72 or £62…

Back home, I checked the Internet and saw that fees start at £250 per mole! That’s kind of expensive. If you come to Thailand for holidays, you should plan to have laser skin treatment if you need, or your teeth done or glasses. These are things that you can get for a fraction of the cost in your country.

Laser Skin Treatment: Mole removal

I found this video that shows how laser skin treatment is done for mole removal. The procedure was not done in Thailand but Malaysia.

Mole Removal at MJ Skin + Laser Clinic

Mole Removal at MJ Skin + Laser Clinic

Uploaded on Feb 23, 2011
Mole removal using RF surgical method at MJ Skin & Laser Clinic, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Done by aesthetic physician, Dr Chin Shih Choon under local anesthesia.

For more info, logon to www.mj-aesthetic.com or call +603-5542 2388

No, it’s not me in the video! I did not bring a camera in…

I hope you enjoyed this information, and if like me you need laser skin treatment, just do it!

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