I Just Did a FaceBook Experiment…


FaceBook Experiment:

FaceBook is a great platform to market your business. As I was searching for some Youtube videos to post on my FaceBook timeline for my friends to see and share, I decided to do something funny. I wanted to see how many people would click a link in my description above the video. TheFaceBook experiment is not to post any kind of link, but a link with a certain call to action.

I used my link shortener at pantika.us to create the link. I thought I would create a link with a call to action like:

– http://pantika.us/ClickHereNow
– http://pantika.us/ClickMeIfYouDare
– http://pantika.us/PleaseClickMe

There are many options, but I decided to try:


FaceBook Experiment

And how many people do you think disobeyed?
17 people clicked the link. I told them not to click, but they did!! And that’s 17 visitors to my squeeze page in just a few seconds. And also one sign-up to my list. Not bad.

FaceBook Experiment

People always have a tendency to break the rules, you tell them not to do something and they do it. You tell them not to use FaceBook during work hours in the office for example, and they do it… Curiosity is certainly playing a big role as well.

I’ll certainly do more FaceBook experiment in the future.

FaceBook Experiment:

I came across an article: “20 Things I Learned from Living Facebook” and this is a great Facebook experiment for you to read


1. Facebook Isn’t Shallow:  True, Facebook is a bit like a community lacking any art, poetry, religion or strong democratic institutions.  However, it is only as shallow as most public places.

We don’t typically have counseling sessions in the grocery store or philosophical arguments in a public restroom.  Why would Facebook be different in its public format.

Read More

Source: LivingFaceBook.Wordpress.com

I hope you enjoyed this post about a little FaceBook experiment.

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