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A Business social network site that you must use:

In a previous post I wrote about a business social network site called Sokule, today I’d like to introduce you to another amazing tool for Internet marketers named IM FacePlate. This site enables you to brand yourself and connect with people in the Internet Marketing industry.

Business Social Network
Click on the image above to get your Free account

The business social network website is FREE to join and has quite a lot of features you can use to brand yourself as an expert in your field. In the left margin, you can add your picture, your interests, your website URL and a bunch of Social Media sites. In this area is also displayed the faces of people you follow and those of people who follow you.

Business Social NetworkClick on the image above to see my profile live

What is IM FacePlate?

A powerful and unique social network designed to help you market yourself, your ideas and your products.

A personal web presence and a hub for your social media and interactions with other members.

A platform to gain exposure and knowledge by integrating into a community of business oriented and success driven individuals.

In the main area of this business social network site there is a shout out box where you can publish your message and link for others to see. Then, there is an area with 6 tabs: faceplate, articles, spotlights, face, groups and activity.

The faceplate module will display what you have posted on the site like your articles and your spotlights. You can decide to have other content showing like your blog’s RSS feed, Twitter, Youtube, Sokule and Sweeva posts. You can also change the layout of your IM FacePlate and order them as you like. A very nice feature is the ability to add an opt-in box there to build your list.

Business Social Network

As you can see, there is now a yellow “PRO” box displayed at the right of my name and you can see the web form right there ready to collect leads.

After trying this business social network site for a couple of days I could not resist upgrading to“PRO”. There are a few features that are worth the monthly cost with a “PRO” account:

  • Earn double FacePoints for all activity
  • Have 100% control over the ads on your faceplate
  • Choice to remove ads from your faceplate
  • Schedule your shouts to publish automatically
  • Have your shout appear on the public activity page
  • Have a “Pro Box” added to all of your discussion posts
  • See who’s viewed your faceplate

After a while I will see if it was really worth and will let you know.

Business Social Network – IM FacePlate

Let me show you a few screenshots of IM FacePlate.

Business Social Network

The main FacePlates: Popular, new FacePlates, emerging FacePlates and Pro FacePlates.

Business Social Network

The activity tab where you can find new connections and see what is shared.

Business Social NetworkThe Spotlights section with all the videos. “Pro” videos at the right.

Are you convinced now that this tool could be useful in your marketing?

Join this business social network site right away and start connecting.



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