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Coaching and Mentoring:

I see on the Internet many questions of people having heard they can make money online, but they have absolutely no clues on what to do.

They receive answers from skeptical individuals who just say “No, way!”. Others, those in the 95% group of people who are not making a buck online, try to answer with very vague advice and place their affiliate links. I rarely see answers like learning from coaching and mentoring with a mentor who’s got the results you want to achieve.

A carpenter or an electrician can learn his skills in a technical school, and also with someone with experience who is practicing the work you want to have. It is no different with Internet Marketing, you can’t learn only by reading free articles posted on the Internet or answers to your questions by anonymous contributors…

Coaching and Mentoring

Where can you get coaching and mentoring in Internet Marketing?

There are many programs available made by very serious and successful Internet marketers that you can join. As Internet marketing is very wide, you first have to decide what you would like to do: eCommerce, drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, blogging, etc… Then you can find a course related to this and join.

Joining one of these courses is not free and prices can vary greatly. It all depends on how much you want to pay for your education and improve your lifestyle after practicing and receiving the results you were looking for. Education has a cost and I am fortunate enough to have found great programs and mentors that have helped me progress in my business.

Coaching and Mentoring

What if I could show you a solution to your online headache. What if you could not only have one of the best Internet mentor and be part of a movement in a group with the same goal helping each other. This coaching and mentoring group is called Big idea Mastermind and I invite you to check out the free video series.

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