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Internet Money:

You certainly have dreams that you’d like to come true. Unfortunately you are trapped in a daily routine working for someone else earning just to cover your bills and making your boss rich. And this is if you are lucky enough not to be unemployed… How are you going to achieve your dreams?

Success-In-Affiliate-MarketingYour dreams can be modest and as simple as buying a new home, a new car or just improving your house.

For my wife and I, the dream of the moment was to add a new kitchen and a new bathroom to the house.

A year ago we were planning to get a loan for that purpose… and we just had it done, after two months of construction, without a loan needed, thanks to Internet money.

What do I mean by Internet Money? That is money earned conducting business on the Internet. I am not talking of the click here and there programs, completing online surveys or posting links on websites. I am talking of real Internet businesses that are just like off-line businesses except that the Internet is used to market and sell products.

Internet Money

My wife, who is a maths teacher for a government school, operates a eCommerce website part-time from home. She sells baby clothes to the Thai market at a very affordable price for average to low income families. She is doing very well, so well that we had to acquire a second house just to keep the stock.

This is a real Internet business that can be done from home, but requires real work and some investment to get it off the ground. The important thing is too sell products that you like, enjoy to sell and believe in.

On my side, I have been an affiliate manager for a marketing firm for several years and I have made some good money running affiliate programs. Unfortunately, this Internet work resembles a bit like a job as you depend on a client and a boss. The good thing is that you get paid on revenue share, so the more the client makes the more you make too.

Besides affiliate management and other work I am doing for a living, I am in Network marketing. Not the traditional old school network marketing with meetings and chasing friends or grandma for a sale… but what I’d qualify modern online network marketing. You will learn more in future posts.

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