Is Making Money on the Internet Possible?


Making money on the internet:

Many people who are not familiar with the affiliate industry on the Internet believe that it is not possible to make money online. Some of these people have tried to join easy-getting-money programs in the past and they have been burnt. I am writing this post as a follow-up of the 12 July post about being an affiliate with ClickBank and to tell skeptics that making money on the internetis possible.

Today, I didn’t go to my office due to a bad cold with a sore throat and a cough. I got-up at 10:00 am, which is the first time in ages I got up so late… I checked the mailbox, and oh surprise… myClickBank check has arrived!

Making money on the internet

This is a small check for a small amount of $329 USD, but I guess many of you would like to receive these small checks regularly in the mail to help pay the bills.

I have been online for more than 10 years and have been making money on the Internet in different ways: sold physical products as an affiliate (ShareAsale & Amazon), got paid for clicks with Adsense or paid per month displaying banners or text links on my websites, did lead generation and I also managed lots of affiliate programs. All this additional income paid for my daughter’s education in France for one year and the US for one more year.

I had made some money with ClickBank in the past, but I was doing it wrong. I was just displayingClickBank affiliate links in my websites, this was not very targeted and I had low results. It is what most people do, but it is not the way to build a solid and long term web business.

Making Money on the Internet with Chris Farrell

Making money on the Internet is a skill that can be learned. I learned how to promote and make money with ClickBank in joining Chris Farrell Membership. Chris is a British gentleman who started from zero and made a fortune online. He is teaching in his membership site how you can do the same. I was not making money on the Internet with ClickBank until I learned it from Chris Farrell. And even after 10 years online I am still learning…

Basically, what you need in order to be making money on the Internet are:

– a good mindset
– a one page website
– a lead magnet
– an auto-responder
– web traffic

You can learn all these skills with Chris Farrell. I was glad I joined, you will be glad you did: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Making money on the internet

Warning: The results I show in this post are my results, it does not mean you will get the same…you may get more! Also, it takes effort and practice to learn the ropes of Internet marketing and you have to dedicate yourself a certain amount of time daily. This is not gambling or a get rich quick scheme. That’s an online business.

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