Is Reincarnation Real?


Is Reincarnation Real or a Myth?

There are many stories of young children of two or three years old having memories that don’t belong to them. At such a young age there is no way that they could have known so much details about their past lives. This is interesting and disturbing at the same time. Is reincarnation real? I let you watch this video.

Evidence of Reincarnation

Published on May 21, 2013
In this documentary, Jim Tucker, MD and Walter Semkiw, MD, discuss the pioneering reincarnation research of Ian Stevenson, MD of the University of Virginia, which involves small children who spontaneously remember past lives that can be factually verified. In addition, the reincarnation case of James Leininger, who as a child remembered a past life as WWII US fighter pilot James Huston.

Barbro Karlen relates her memories in childhood of being Holocaust victim Anne Frank, author of the Diary of Anne Frank. Barbro has the same innate talent as Anne, as well as similar facial features. Anne Frank was persecuted as a Jew by the Nazis, whereas Barbro was born into a Christian family in Sweden 9 years after Anne’s death.

Source: Walter Semkiw’s Youtube Channel

As for every paranormal phenomenon there are believers and haters. Most people in the US and Europe think that reincarnation is a myth, a phantasy that only buddhists believe in. Is reincarnation real? Scientific research seems to show that it is.

Is Reincarnation Real?

This is a very interesting slide presentation by MD Walter Semkiw about reincarnation. What is amazing is that not only people who have been reincarnated retain their personality, but talent and facial traits…

Principles of Reincarnation, Walter Semkiw, MD

Principles of Reincarnation, Walter Semkiw, MD

Uploaded on Dec 24, 2011
Walter presents principles of reincarnation based on independently researched cases, including reincarnation research conducted by Ian Stevenson, MD at the University of Virginia.

He describes how evidence shows that facial features, personality traits, talents (explaining child prodigies) and passions can remain consistent from one incarnation to another, and how xenoglossy cases researched by Stevenson demonstrate that personality is not lost following death, but retained within the soul.

Is Reincarnation Real

Walter also describes his working relationship with Kevin Ryerson and a spirit being named Ahtun Re channeled through Kevin.

Watch more videos about reincarnation on Walter Semkiw’s Youtube Channel

Is reincarnation real? Do you believe?

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