Is the Magic of Believing Part of Your Life?


Do you believe in the magic of believing?

The magic of believing is an amazing phenomenon. The things that you believe in can be very powerful, and they should be the kinds of things that lead your life in the right direction.

A good example of the magic of believing is the placebo effect in medicine trials. People are separated into two groups: one group is given the real medicine and the other group gets the placebo, which has no active components. Surprisingly, some individuals in the group who got the placebo experience positive results as if they were given the real medicine, simply because they had the belief that the medicine would improve their condition.

magic of believing

Most of the time your beliefs get in the way of your success. When you believe that you are terrible with money, or that you will never have a million dollars in your bank account… It is very likely you are right. But in the contrary, if you believe that you are going to be successful and become very healthy financially, it is very probable you will succeed.

When you believe whole-heartedly that you will succeed, you are able to do better than you know. You become more relaxed and you can focus your emotional energy on reaching for the rewards of success instead of focusing on the possibility of failure.

Believing in yourself brings out the best and it is essential for your personal success. That’s the magic of believing.

Tips for Developing the Magic of Believing

Developing the Magic of Believing is essential towards achieving great personal success:

1. Visualize success and not failure. Whether at home or at work, train yourself to replace success thinking for failure thinking. When put in a competitive situation, think “I’m equal to the best” not “I’m inferior to everyone else”. Let the “I Will Succeed” mentality overwhelm all the negativity in your mind. Visualizing success trains your mind to create ways to produce success. Conversely, visualizing failure does the exact opposite.

2. Be your own biggest cheer leader. Look at yourself in the mirror daily and remind yourself that you are better than you think you are. Success does not require super powers or super intellect. Nor is it based on pure luck. Successful people are just ordinary people who believe whole-heartedly in themselves and in what they do. Never short-change yourself.

3. Believe big. Dreaming big is an important part of achieving success for everyone. The size of your success is only limited by the size of your belief. Often people do not think big because they are scared, or they think they are incapable of succeeding. But remember this, big dreamers achieve big results. Allow yourself to achieve your full potential by using the magic of believing and you will succeed.

Develop your magic of believing by following the three simple tips presented above and watch your life grow in abundance and prosperity.

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