Kid born with HIV cured by US doctors


HIV Cured:

Finally some breakthrough in the treatment of HIV. American doctors have successfully treated a toddler who is now HIV cured. The infant got HIV at birth and it is the first time the decease is cured. This is real hope for HIV patients.

HIV cured

US doctors have managed the effective cure of a child born with the HIV virus.
Photograph: Geostock/Getty Images

Medical history made with first ‘functional cure’ of unnamed two-year-old born with the virus but now needing no medication.

Doctors in the US have made medical history by effectively curing a child born with HIV, the first time such a case has been documented.

The infant, who is now two and a half, needs no medication for HIV, has a normal life expectancy and is highly unlikely to be infectious to others, doctors believe.

Though medical staff and scientists are unclear why the treatment was effective, the surprise success has raised hopes that the therapy might ultimately help doctors eradicate the virus among newborns.

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Source: The Guardian

US scientists say baby born with HIV cured

Published on Mar 3, 2013 on Youtube

Details have just been released of a development in the search for an HIV cure. While experts say that’s still a way off, they’re encouraged by what’s being described as the first functional HIV cured infant. Al Jazeera’s Phil Lavelle reports.

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