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Chatel Guyon:

When my father retired he moved to a small village called “Le Bournet” in Chatel Guyon located in Auvergne province. The place is in a mountainous area and is very quiet. Below is a bird view of the place where we are staying for this 2013 trip to France.

Chatel Guyon

The weather here in mid April is not too bad with a low temperature of 6° Celsius and a high temperature of 16° Celsius. Compared to our 36° Celsius in Bangkok when we left, the temperature difference is still huge. On windy days you feel your bones freezing…

This morning we went to a Saturday market in Riom, the city just after Chatel Guyon. Lots of fresh and very bizarre bio products sold there. Also lots of local charcuterie products very mouth watering. And of course, numerous French cheeses.

Chatel Guyon

Chatel Guyon

There are very little information in English about Chatel Guyon on the Internet. Below is an extract of a very good blog post I recommend you to read.Chatel Guyon

5 Days in Auvergne: Part III, Chatel-Guyon by Gary Lee Kraut

From the hot springs and spa of Royat I drove into the hills, past an expansive view over Clermont-Ferrand, the regional capital, and wound along the edge of the vast volcanic zone that makes Auvergne such a great place for summer hiking.

Since most of my trip was dedicated to visiting old spa towns and hot springs, I wouldn’t be doing any hiking (despite my luck of a warm, sunny early spring week) or otherwise exploring the domes and craters that so define the landscape. The chain of puys begins at the western edge of Clermont. I wouldn’t be visiting Vulcania, a family-friendly museum and park explaining the existence, extinction and erosion of the volcanoes, the last of which erupted here about 7,000 years ago.

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