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Lisa Williams Medium:

Lisa Williams Medium, my favorite psychic, is visiting Tyler’s apartment where strange things have been happening.

Lisa sits down with Tyler who explains that the apartment has been empty for 17 years before he moved in 4 years ago. The postman at the time told him: “Oh, you are moving in the haunted place!”

Tyler: “Several times I sensed a female spirit kind of lurking around in my bedroom. I felt like that I was not really welcome. It was questionable if I was able to stay, to tell the truth…

Tyler has two dogs and the older one’s health started to declined. He is very sensitive to the apartment and didn’t want to stay inside, always asking to get outside. He was the reason Tyler thought of moving apartment.

Lisa Williams Medium

While she is there, Lisa practice some healing to the old dog who was always unhappy, not eating… and the dog has an appetite all of a sudden coming to the kitchen asking for food, something he has not done before!

The explanation: In 1983, Maude Nichols was tortured and murdered by her nephew in the bathroom of the first floor flat. The body of Maude Nichols was found in January of 1984, several weeks after her murder in December 1983. Her body was found in the bathroom of the first floor flat directly below.

Hope you enjoyed this Lisa Williams Medium‘s video.

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