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There are still nowadays people that do not see the opportunity to make a living online and live the Internet lifestyle. This is not their fault as no one has been taught in school that there are other possibilities than to get a job.

I remember when I was in high school 35 years ago, an occupation day was organized with parents presenting their work at the school. Students were going from one station to another trying to figure out if one of the occupation could trigger a vocation.

The occupations I remember of were police investigator, doctor, dentist, programmer, teacher, carpenter, electrician, lawyer, architect… At the time I was pursuing my grand-father’s dream to become a cabinet-maker and it was the first course of study I took.

Let’s imagine what a occupations would be presented nowadays: police investigator, doctor, dentist, programmer, teacher, carpenter, electrician, lawyer,architect… maybe with new professions related to IT such as webmaster and graphic designer.

This will come with no surprise that no one would present a way to make money online creating and selling your own products, becoming an affiliate to sell other’s products or join an Internet network company.

Live the Internet Lifestyle

Well, it is time now to open your mind and see that there are other possibilities to earn money online. The advantage of working online is that your customers are not around the corner, but all around the world. Small amount sales multiplied by lots of sales can make you quite a lot of money.

“But, I may need lots of inventory you may think…”. This is right if you choose to open an eCommerce website, but if you really want to live the Internet Lifestyle, you may choose to sell digital products.

Digital products are downloadable products such as eBooks, website memberships, educational courses, audio tracks, etc…

Selling such products is what really can give you the Internet lifestyle because you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection. The Internet lifestyle is the possibility to make your working schedule around the other things you want to do.

The journey to your Internet lifestyle can be started while you are working a job… it can be started if you are a stay at home mom… it can be started if you are unemployed… it can be started if you are a retiree looking for additional income. The cost to start your Internet lifestyle journey is ridiculously low.

Let me know if you’d like to get started.

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