Long Lost UFO Film Found!


UFO Abduction AKA The McPherson Tape 1989

Two days ago I posted a very entertaining home video titled Is this UFO Video a Hoax or Genuine?. I am glad to report that the original film has been found and that its not a hoax nor a genuine video. It is simply a feature film and if you watch this full version, you will see that credits have been added at the end. Well done!

Sorry to disappoint you! 

UFO Abduction AKA The McPherson Tape (1989 film)

Published on Jul 5, 2013 on Youtube

The original film from 1989 supposedly depicting a 1983 home video of a family being abducted by aliens.
Found by cinemageddon.net user pokes.
No copyright infringement intended just wanted to share the long lost film.

Enjoy the film.

Michel Gerard

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