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WordPress Adsense:

If you are looking for ways to earn money online and consider using WordPress Adsense to reach that goal, you need to read this post. WordPress is the free blogging software that you install on your server to blog and Adsense is Google’s pay per click program.


Basically to start earning money with Adsense, you have to first open an account which is very easy and then place a piece of code on your website. Google will display ads that are related to your content. If your page is about travel in India for example, Google will show ads related to travel and India. When someone clicks one of the ad you earn a certain amount of money.

You have to place the ads at very strategically positions on your WordPress Adsense site, which is preferably above the fold, the top part of the website you see without scrolling down. The size of the ads also matter as some convert better than others. Adsense recommends to use the 728 x 90 Leaderboard, 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle, 336 x 280 Large Rectangle and 160 x 600 Skyscraper.

It is also recommended to test the different Ad styles and blend them with your site’s color theme. You can’t tell your WordPress Adsense site’s visitors to click the ads by any mean and you absolutely can’t click yourself the ads. The next thing you need to earn money with clicks is traffic.

WordPress Adsense

Can you make money with Adsense?


Sure you can, but what is not so easy is to earn a substantial income with it. If you already have a website full of content with lots of visitors, Adsense may work well for you and just adding the code may bring you $300/400 per month in income. If you are starting and see Adsense as a vehicle to make you money working from home, think twice.

There are Internet marketers who go that route. They build hundreds of WordPress Adsense niche sites, all targeted on a specific topic. Each of their page or post is targeted and optimized on a keyword, which has a minimum bid of $1. As an Adsense publisher you get a portion of that bid, the $1 bid may mean $0.40 for you.

This is very time consuming to do as you have to research a niche, research keywords, write 500 words articles, promote each post, get back-links… You then have to do the same thing for 10, 20, 50 WordPress Adsense sites. It used to work very well a couple of years ago, but with Google’s algorithm changes, it has become more difficult to rank each post. Bids can be high when you do your keyword research and a few month later very low.

As a conclusion, if you already have a website with content and traffic, Adsense may be good for an additional way to monetize the site, but if you want to make money online from home, without having to do all the above, you’d better check this out: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

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